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Crepe Myrtle

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The Lagerstroemia,or as is commonly referred to as the Crepe Myrtle is a very beautiful, colorful plant. I can get quite large up to 100 feet in size but most are a large shrub like tree getting anywhere from 2 to 25 feet in height, depending on variety. and it varies in colors from white to a deep purplish red color.They bloom in summer and autumn. It is quite commonly grown in the south due to it's likeness of warmer weather. It does well in climates below Zone 6. It will avoid the fungal diseases in less humid places such as California and Texas.There are very many varieties of the Crepe Myrtles as well. But they make a wonderful,colorful addition to any front or backyard landscapes. Birds enjoy them, and you will find they may even choose to make a home in these dense shrubs. They are an absolutely beautiful asset to any home or business landscape and will catch your eye with their magnificent brilliant hues. So why not try one of the Crepe Myrtle

Zones: 7-10

Mature Height: 15'-25'ft


Shape: Vase Shape

Growth: Fast growing

Sunlight: Full Sun

Soil: does best in moist, well drained soil

Botanical name: Lagerstroemia


This will make a great  tree for a flower garden or natural area.  It will produce and give you beautiful dark pink blooms to enjoy.  It can grow to be several feet tall and you can keep it trimmed to the perfect height for your garden.  It will grow well in full sunlight and partially shaded areas.  This shrub will make any flower garden or natural area come to life and will be beautiful.

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