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  • Autumn Ferns
    $4.49 Choose Options Autumn Ferns
      This fern is a great groundcover plant. Its colors will often change between a green color to pink, and even a coppery orange. The Autumn fern is also a very resilient plant ad will survive for many weeks into winter...
  • Beech Ferns
    $6.49 Choose Options Beech Ferns
      This is a fern that has fronds that grow almost two feet in length. This makes this a very large fern. Although the plant grows best in soil that is moist it can grow in slightly drier soils. Although it grows...
  • Bladder Ferns
    $6.49 Choose Options Bladder Ferns
      This is a great plant to have around the home. Epically with the fact that it can grow almost anywhere other plants won’t grow very well. The shade is the place for this plant to be placed. Also this plant...
  • Bracken Fern (Pteridium Aquilinum)
    $4.49 Choose Options Bracken Fern
      This is a great plant that makes an addition to any home. Many homeowner's love ferns and with this fern it can be wide spread and show a lot of green foliage. This fern is preferred by many because it can...
  • Brake Fern (Pellaea Ovata)
    $4.49 Choose Options Brake Ferns
      This is a great addition to any home. This fern is widely spread and grows on almost every continent. This plant can adapt to almost any conditions except in the most extreme cold or heat levels. This plant can...
  • Chain Ferns
    $4.49 Choose Options Chain Ferns
      These are beautiful ferns that grow 6ft high. These plants are native to the United States areas and so grow well. They are grown in hanging baskets in both home and at work. They also grown in shady areas...
  • Christmas Fern (Polystichum Acrostichoides)
    $4.49 Choose Options Christmas Ferns
      These are great things to have around the house. They are evergreen ferns hat are native to North America, primarily Canada. The small fern bush grows about 2 ft high and 1 ft wide. The plant reproduces via...
  • Cinnamon Fern X Large
    $6.49 Choose Options Cinnamon Fern X Large
        This fern is a native fen to Asia and America. Since it is native it will grow very well and quickly. This plant prefers bogs and wetlands. The need for constantly moist soil is a hindrance but it will...
  • Clover Ground Fern (Marsilea Macropda)
    $4.49 Choose Options Clover Ground Ferns
      This is a ground cover plant that is actually considered to be an aquatic plant. This plant grows best in extremely moist soil. The plant grows best in full sun but can manage light shade. This fern will add the...
  • Deer Fern (Blechnum spicant)
    $44.00 Choose Options Deer Ferns
      These ferns are great plants to have growing in yoru yard, hanging baskets or in planters. Wildlife love ferns especially these deer ferns, they do afterall get their name due to the deer loving them. When you...
  • Fiddlehead Ferns
    $6.49 Choose Options Fiddlehead Ferns
      This is a nice plant to have around the house in your shaded area. This plant is a perennial plant and will come back year after year. The amazing green color that this plant displays always improves the look of...
  • Glade Ferns
    $6.49 Choose Options Glade Ferns
      This is a great wetland fern. This plant thrives in the moisture filled soils near wetland areas. This plant can grow to 5 ft high and 4 ft wide in the proper settings. These plants also love shade and are...
  • Golden Ferns
    $6.49 Choose Options Golden Ferns
      This is a rock growing fern. This fern loves rocky soil and shade. They are native to North America and grow well throughout it. They don’t grow any larger than 24 inches in height. This plant is great for...
  • Hay Scented Ferns
    $6.49 Choose Options Hay Scented Ferns
      This is a nice fern to have around the house. It grows in full the best in partial shade to full sun or direct sunlight. The leaves of this fern turn to a greenish yellow or green color. In the shade this plant...
  • Interrupted Ferns
    $6.49 Choose Options Interrupted Ferns
      This is a lovely plant to have around any house. This plant grows about 6 ft in the proper conditions. The plant grows naturally around roads and in open fields where the soil remains moist. Native to North...
  • Lady Ferns
    $6.49 Choose Options Lady Ferns
      This is a great to have around the house. The plant grows anywhere from 1 to 2 ft high. The plant likes full but prefers some shade if not complete shade. These ferns are hardy and tough but are not invasive and...
  • Leatherwood Ferns
    $6.49 Choose Options Leatherwood Ferns
      This is one of the best plants for homes and hanging pots. They grow great indoors with the proper care. In the proper sunlight and moist soil they will grow 2 ft high and 1 ½ ft wide. Surprisingly this...
  • Maidenhair Ferns
    $6.49 Choose Options Maidenhair Ferns
      This is a great fern to have around the house. Because of this plants love of shade it is great for those annoying shady spots that nothing will grow in. The plant is very dense and grows 1-2 ft in height and...
  • Male Ferns
    $6.49 Choose Options Male Ferns
        This is a good fern for hanging pots and rock gardens. These plants thrive in moist soils especially near ponds and wetland areas. This small fern can get 6 ft high in the proper conditions. Although it...
  • Dryopteris Marginalia – Marginal Wood Fern
    $6.49 Choose Options Marginal Wood Ferns
      This is a small fern that grows in rich woodland areas. Although it likes moist soil it is slightly drought tolerant. The plant is very good at growing indoors. The best quality is the evergreen ability so it...

Ferns Are Excellent When Planted In Shaded Wet areas

Ferns are available in a broad range of types and textures. Ferns with a heavy, coarse texture can stand on their own or provide a backdrop for other ferns that have delicate, feathery fronds. Delicate, low growing ferns provide beautiful complement to flowering plants.

Native ferns are wonderfully versatile and provide interest in the perennial garden.

Most ferns barely notice the insects and diseases that can plague other types of plants. Once established, they require very little care. Ferns are very nearly care free yet offer high return in terms of their value in the landscape.

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Your plants will be shipped bare root. See more information on bare root plants.

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