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Loblolly Pine Seedlings

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  • The Loblolly pine grows around 100 ft high, however it can be trained to stay low. The Loblolly Pine tree is one of the fastest growing pines ever.
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Loblolly Pine Seedlings


The Loblolly Pine is a great tree. If you are looking for a large tree then this is the tree that would be perfect for you. It can grow to be well over 90 feet tall when it is fully mature. It grows best in the full sunlight. It is very adaptable to many different soil types and will thrive just about anywhere. This pine will give you gorgeous green color all year long. This tree also attracts many different wildlife species, so not only will you enjoy the gorgeous tree but you will also enjoy all the wildlife it will bring to your yard. 

Zones: 3-9

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