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Fresh Havested Moss For Sale Wholesale


Buy Moss Affordable at Tennessee Wholesale Nursery. Our Mosses are hand harvested, hand graded and stacked carefully in boxes and shipped the day harvested. This insures your getting a super fresh product and super hardy too. Our Mosses are nice size and color. No tiny nickle or dime sized pieces will be shipped to you. Only fresh hand size and larger are harvested for your landscaping needs.


Choose Moss For Those Shady Areas Where Little Else Will Grow

Moss is best when you choose wet shady areas. You can plant them near rock gardens, between the perennial gardens or near fountains also for them to thrive and do excellent. Mosses are hardy and you do not have to be a novice gardner to make them grow and have a nice moss garden. With Moss, there'e snedless possibilites with all types of landscaping, gardening and topical structures you can make.


Have A Wet Swampy Area That Needs Something? Try moss

Try Moss. Moss loves wet areas and shade. What a good combination where you can plant moss at to dry up excess mositure and keep misquitos at bay also. Moss are excellent for many uses. Terrariums make great places for cushion and rock moss. Reptiles loves moss to hide under and bed on. It's their choic of a native habitat too. Ever thought about making a moss statue? We've used chicken wire to make any topiary moss figurines. They are fun and grow on the design to become full and alive. What A Great Gift Idea!

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