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Perennials are often called the backbone in gardening

They are favorites of avid gardners and homeowner's alike. Perennials multiply every year and come back up with a life span of over 15 years. Whereas with annuals, you do not need to buy more every year, they come back up without having to be dug up and kept inside for the winter weather. They are most gardeners favorite plants because they do not require a lot of care and they are cold hardy and can survive drought conditions very well. Perennial plants are often referred to as the masterpice when planted in a garden.



They are hardy also. Perennial plants rebloom every spring

They are hardy and do well with the help of mother nature. Favorite perennials includes the day lillies, virginia blue bells and trilliums.You can buy cheap perennials from us and not pay those other nurseries $12.99 and up for the same exact plants. We are the grower! Top species in these type plants are the above but there are so many choices in nquality wildflowers and all are breathtaking.

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