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  • Persimmon Tree (Diospyros Virginiana) - Persimmon trees are a great source of vitamins as well as have several old wise tales associated with them. For example, it has been said that if you take a persimmon off of a persimmon tree and cut it in half then if you see a fork it means a mild winter and a spoon means that you will be shoveling snow in the winter months.
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Persimmon Tree


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Persimmon Tree

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The Persimmon Tree would make a great addition to your lawn if you are looking for a fruit tree. It will grow to be around 35 to 60 feet high. This fruit makes a great pudding and can also be used in breads. It will grow well in full sunlight and partially shaded areas. This tree will adapt to various soil types. This tree will also give you beautiful blooms for you to enjoy.

Zone 5-11

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