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Pitch Pine

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The Pitch Pine is an evergreen conifer which will reach a height of 40 to 60 at fully maturity. Out of all of the pine species this one is the most unusual with very unique characteristics. Also known as the Garside Tree and is found mainly in the Northeastern United States. It is the primary tree of the famous New Jersey Pine Barrens and that is where you can find the rare Pygmy Pitch Pine trees. When young this tree starts in an open or pyramid shape, but as it matures the shape becomes more irregular and the branches become gnarled. The trunk of the tree is incredibly strong with a coarse-grained bark and very resinous wood. The high resin level in the wood preserves the Pitch Pine from decay. The needles are in clusters of three with a slightly twisted shape and are yellow-green to dark green in color. The cones on this tree form in groups of three and are approximately two inches long with prickly scales. This tree can withstand droughts, wildfires, repeated cutting and temperatures as low as -43F degrees. It is also very tolerant of poor soils and prefers rocky or sandy landscaping. This tree is perfect for uneven landscapes, rocky inclines, and poor soil conditions. Standing alone it makes a dramatic statement and the Pitch Pine is even used for ornamental Bonsai trees.

Zone 4-7

Mature Width: 30-50 feet wide

Growth/Year: 5-10 feet

Sunlight: full sun

Soil Conditions: rocky, sandy, acidic

Botanical Name: Pinus Rigida


This evergreen tree is a medium sized pine tree that is native to eastern North America. This tree can grow to be up to 20-100 foot tall. This tree is usually found in a variety of habitats from dry acidic sands to swampy lowlands and can survive in very poor soil conditions. The Pitch pine is not usually used as a major timber because the trunks are frequently multiple or crooked. This plant is great to have in the backyard and looks nice as a evergreen centerpeice. This plant is adaptable and can survive in harsher soil conitions. This plant is also an attractant for birds.


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