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Red Maple


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Product Description

 Red Maple, Acer Rubrum

Zones: 3-9
Mature Height: 40-60' tall
Width: 40' spread
Shape: Oval Shape
Growth: fast growing
Sunlight: multiple exposures
Soil: Prefers wet, but is tolerant of various soils except extreme alkaline or salt
Botanical name: Acer rubrum

Ships As - Bareroot Plant 



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The maple tree is one of the most common deciduous trees in eastern North America. Most varieties reach a height of 50' at maturity, and all are aptly named: the flowers, twigs, and even seeds of the Red Maple are varying degrees of red! However, it is most commonly known for it's vibrant red autumn foliage.

You'll enjoy a show of color all year long with the Red Maple. New leaves are green with bits of red, and turn to a magnificent red (and sometimes, gold!) in the fall. The green stems even turn red in winter! Spectacular coloring aside, the leaves of the Red Maple are easy to distinguish: they are deciduous and arranged oppositely on the twig. Small red flowers appear in the spring, and bears samara fruits from April to June (even while leaves are still developing).

The Red Maple developed roots to suit it's site from a young age, which gives the tree the ability to prosper in a large number of areas. While is prefers moisture in the soil (thriving in poorly drained, wet areas), it is tolerant of many soil conditions, which is one of the many reasons people love to plant the Red Maple.


This is a great shade tree for any home. This tree looks great in the summer and provides that cooling shade from the sun. This plant also looks amazing in the fall when its colors turn and become a beautiful red coloration. This trees maximum height is 15-25 ft high. This plant also prefers full sunlight to partial sunlight to grow to its best. This tree is very easy to grow and can survive summer droughts. It also grows at a fast rate of 4-5 ft a year.

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