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  • American Beech (Fagus Grandifolia) Seedlings - The American Beech tree is a tree loved by many homeowners because of its massive size and large amount of shade that it can provide. The American Beech tree requires partial to full sun and moist soil. It is easily adaptable.
    $0.29 Choose Options American Beech Seedlings
        This tree is great to have because of its year round beauty. This tree is also good for its shade. Also because of the wildlife it attracts. You will love your American Beech because of its tolerance to...
  • Black Willow
    $0.29 Choose Options Black Willow Seedlings
        This tree is a great tree for someone who has little time. This tree is beautiful in any yard. You will love the simple tending this tree requires. It can grow in poorly drained soil and moist conditions...
  • Bridal Wreath Spirea
    $0.29 Choose Options Bridal Wreath Spirea Seedlings
      This plant is a lovely plant to have in your yard. Rather you want to plant it in your natural area or you want to plant it along your sidewalk or driveway, this is a great plant to have. This plant can reach...
  • Burr Oak
    $0.29 Choose Options Burr Oak Tree Seedlings
        This tree will look beautiful on your lawn. It will also make a fantastic shade tree that can be enjoyed by everyone in your family. This tree will grow to be around 70 to 80 feet high when fully grown...
  • Canadian Hemlock Seedlings
    $0.29 Choose Options Canadian Hemlock Seedlings
      This tree can reach heights of up to 30 feet tall and in some cases or climates can grow even taller. The Canadian hemlock is loved by many because of its fullness that it has and many homeowners love using it...
  • Chestnut Oak Seedlings
    $0.29 Choose Options Chestnut Oak Seedlings
      This tree can grow up to 60-70 feet tall. Many love this tree because it can reach outward widths of up to 50 feet and as you see can get quite massive. This tree produces a small nut called the chestnut which...
  • Eastern White Pine
    $0.29 Choose Options Eastern White Pine Seedlings
        This tree grows in a cone shaped. It can grow up to 80 feet tall and reach an outward span of 40 feet. Normally the first few years of growth you will need to weed around this tree because the trunk is...
  • Flame Leaf Sumac
    $0.29 Choose Options Flame Leaf Sumac
        This is a good plant to have if you live in the southwest or areas that are prone to excessive droughts. The lush foliage will turn a brilliant red which will make any garden stand out more. In the...
  • Fraxinus pennsylvanica Green ash
    $0.29 Choose Options Green Ash Seedlings
      This tree will make a splendid shade tree for you and your family to enjoy. It will grow to be around 60 to 70 feet high when fully grown. It will also grow well in full sunlight. This tree grows well in moist...
  • Hazel Alder - Hazel alder is a wonderful plant to put in an empty yard. The hazel alder is a thick leaved shrub.
    $0.29 Choose Options Hazel Alder - Alnus Serrulata Seedlings
      This tree is a great addition to any lawn because of its shade. You will love this tree because of the color it adds to your lawn during the summer and fall months. This tree is great because it adds value to...
  • The Loblolly pine grows around 100 ft high, however it can be trained to stay low. The Loblolly Pine tree is one of the fastest growing pines ever.
    $0.29 Choose Options Loblolly Pine Seedlings
    Loblolly Pine Seedlings   The Loblolly Pine is a great tree. If you are looking for a large tree then this is the tree that would be perfect for you. It can grow to be well over 90 feet tall when it is fully mature...
  • Nannyberry – Viburnum Lentago
    $0.29 Choose Options Nanny Berry Seedlings
        This is a great plant for adding color to your lawn. This shrub will also add value to your home. The Nanny Berry is also good as a back ground plant. The Nannyberry is a great plant that can be planted as a...
  • Black Oak
    $0.29 Choose Options Oak Black Oak Seedlings
      This oak tree is a great tree to have. This tree is stunningly beautiful. You will be delighted with the amount of wild life it will attract. This tree does best in full sun or partial shade and loves moist soil...
  • Oak White Seedlings
    $0.29 Choose Options Oak White Seedlings
      The oak tree is a fantastic smaller tree. It is perfect for any size yard. This tree will grow to be around 2 feet high and will be around 15 feet wide. This tree looks fantastic when you plant it in your flower...
  • Pin Oak
    $0.29 Choose Options Pin Oak Seedlings
        This tree is a great tree to have for the shade it provides. This tree does best in full sun and is adaptable to various soils. You will love your lawn because of the great color it will add during summer and...
  • Possom Haw
    $0.29 Choose Options Possom Haw Seedlings
        This tree is a great addition to any yard. This tree will add value to your home. This tree is great because of the color it adds to your lawn during summer and autumn months. You will love your Possum...
  • Red Oak
    $0.29 Choose Options Red Oak Tree Seedlings
        This oak is a great shade tree. It can grow up to 75 feet tall. This tree does best in full sun and well drained soil. This tree also attracts different wild life. You will love your Red Oak tree because...
  • The River Birch stakes are known for their lovely bark, their bark is a whitish color and this is an easily adaptable tree that does well almost anywhere.
    $0.29 Choose Options River Birch Seedlings
        This birch is a great shade tree to have around your house. This tree is drought resistant and grows best in full sun and does well in many soils. This tree looks best in autumn months because of it...
  • The service berry is a native shrub. The service berry shrub is known for its white flowers.
    $0.29 Choose Options Service Berry Seedlings
      This tree is great for shade especially in these hot summer days. This tree will add value to your home. You will love this tree because of the splash of color it adds in summer and autumn months. This tree...
  • The Silver maple does well in almost any type of climate and soil condition. The Silver Maple is known for its silvery leaf color in the fall, many flock to the area where they are grown in order to see its luscious color.
    $0.29 Choose Options Silver Maple Seedlings
      This will make a wonderful shade tree for you to enjoy. It will grow to be 50 to 70 feet high when fully grown. It will also grow around 3 feet each year. This tree will grow well in full sunlight and partially...

Seedlings Are Great For Reforestoration, Mass Plantings & Starting A Nursery With Limited Expense

New homeowners who are in the process of making their outdoor living spaces attractive and comfortable usually plant tree seedlings in various parts of their yards. Trees provide shade, color, interest and sometimes even food to homeowners and other household residents. No patio is complete without a leafy tree nearby to give shade while sipping chilled beverages on hot summer afternoons, and childhood memories are sweeter when they involve climbing trees and swinging on a classic tire swing. Pies, jellies and jams taste better when handmade from backyard fruits.

Several factors come into play when deciding on what types of tree seedlings to purchase.

Climate and soil conditions are important considerations when beginning home landscaping projects, and researching climate and soil needs of desire tree species is recommended before planting. Homeowners also need to take into account the size the tree will be once it reaches maturity and whether it will fit into the available yard space. Homeowners should also decide how much maintenance they are willing to put into their landscaping. If they don't feel as if they will have much time for raking leaves and pruning trees, they should only buy species that don't require much upkeep.

So many varieties of tree seedlings exist that homeowners can easily find what suits them best.

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Your plants will be shipped bare root. See more information on bare root plants.

Bare Root Information