A Japanese Garden

Posted by Tennessee Wholesale Nursery on Sep 23, 2014

A Japanese garden would make a lovely setting on any lawn. These gardens are vibrant and beautiful when they grow the right way. These gardens will come to life and make you feel very tranquil when things are added. A Japanese garden will look lovely with a small water garden added to a location in the garden. You can build a small waterfall, and with the running water, it will be very relaxing. Some splendid Japanese statues can be added and placed randomly around the garden. Some wonderful Japanese plants, such as the bonsai plant, can be added, and some small Japanese maples will look amazing.

Some wonderful small perennials will add a burst of color to certain areas when they are in bloom. Moss is also another great plant to add and will give it a very soft-looking feel. You can create walkways by using round or square landscaping pavers, and also, you can add some tiny landscaping rocks to give it a flawless look. A Japanese garden would be a great place to go and relax after a very long and busy day. Pagodas are also significant to add to Japanese gardens, and they can be built and will add a wonderful place to sit and gather your thoughts. Adding a beautiful wisteria tree will add a beautiful color of lavender to an area and make it very peaceful when in bloom. If there is a creek or pond around the garden, adding a small bridge over the water will be a majestic look. It will give someone a great place to take a peaceful walk and relax. Water and waterfalls will be a glorious sound to hear as someone is taking a pleasant walk through the garden. Adding an area like this to a lawn or home would add a lot of curb appeal and value to a home, and the neighbor would become very envious of your garden.