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American Arborvitae - Jiffy Plugs 12-18"

American Arborvitae - Jiffy Plugs 12-18"

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American Arborvitae - Jiffy Plugs 12-18"

American Arborvitae


One of the most versatile evergreen trees is the American arborvitae. This small pyramid-shaped tree can be used as a windbreak when planted in a row. It also can be used as a specimen plant welcoming people to your door. If you have a sharp corner to your home, consider planting one there to make the lines softer.

This tree prefers to get at least six hours of sunlight daily. It does well in almost all soil conditions, but it does not like saline soils. It also prefers to stay slightly damp. This tree does well in United States Department of Agriculture zones three to seven. This tree that usually grows about 18 inches in a year can reach heights up to 60 feet while having a 15-foot spread.

The American arborvitae is a showstopper with its tiny feather-like leaves packed tightly together around branchlets. When viewed from a short distance away, the needles appear to form small fans. The soft, fragrant needles appear light green in the spring before getting darker through the summer. This tree makes a beautiful addition to winter landscapes as its needles turn various colors including greens, browns, and reds during the colder months. When the needles that are about one-inch long are squeezed, they give off a pleasing aroma.

This tree produces tiny purplish-brown flowers before putting on pine cones that grow to be about 0.5 inches long. Each cone contains eight to 10 seeds that are about 0.25 inches long. Male and female flowers appear on the same tree, and it is nearly impossible to tell the difference.

This pyramid-shaped tree often sheds sections of its bark as it ages adding visual interest to the tree's looks. There are so many different ways that you can use this tree to add interest to your landscaping, and it adds winter habitat for birds and wildlife.

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