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Balsam Fir - 4" Plantable Peat Pot

Balsam Fir - 4" Plantable Peat Pot

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Balsam Fir - 4" Plantable Peat Pot

Balsam Fir


The Balsam Fir is a type of evergreen growth tree that does best planted in hardy planting zones 3 through 5.

The tree is slow-growing and will eventually reach heights of 45 to 75 feet quickly in the right cold climate. Some have been reported to reach heights of 100 feet in the wilderness. As it's maturing, expect to see less than 12 inches of height gain each year. The branches will make it's spread about 20 to 25 feet when fully developed. Therefore, it needs a rather large space to grow in.

A Balsam Fir will thrive in soil that is kept cool, moist, and well-drained. The soil should be acidic. However, these trees can tolerate some saltiness in the ground.

It has a symmetrical form with lots of pinecones budding off the ends of branches. The pinecones will grow between 2 and 4 inches in length. Sometimes these trees are confused with spruce trees. However, you can tell a Balsam Fir by its unique pinecone formation. The pinecones grow straight up on the branches rather than dangling.

The needles on the tree have a dark bluish-green color and a robust and spicy pine scent radiating from them. They will typically grow between 3/4'' and 1'' in length. The Balsam Fir's needles are rounded and dull. As an evergreen, it never loses it's leaves and remains fully figured all year long. Its bark is dark brown and will more develop resin (sap) on its bark over time.

Landscapers plant this tree as a central specimen. They also sometimes plant it to break a strong wind to protect structures or other plant growth. They provide food and homes to many birds and small land animals. The tree is also prevalently planted as a Christmas tree specimen to be cut down around the holidays and enjoyed in the home.

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