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    Nice Size

    Posted by Dan Rudlow on Jun 22, 2022

    love my iris plants.

  • 5

    Posted by Troy Kingston on Jun 22, 2022

    Planted beside my lake doing very good.

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Bearded Iris is a Fuzzy Looking Perennial

Bearded Iris or the Iris germanica is a perennial flower grown in the northern hemispheres of Europe, Asia, and the Americas. In the U.S., its hardiness zones are 3 through 10. The bulb gets the name from its distinctive look caused by its fuzzy downward-facing petals, which resemble a beard.

The flower comes in many colors ranging from white to light purple to blue to deep purple, and every color except the brightest of reds. The flower bloom has six petals, three pointing upward and three pointing downward. There are two cultivars, one blooming in the spring and the second blooming in spring and the fall. These twice-a-year-blooming plants are called remontant irises. For year-round color, choose flowers from each cultivar.

Bearded Iris Come in Many Colors and Brighten up Any Landscaping Area 

The longer blades can sit straight up, or they may fall. The leaf color goes from green to blue-green.

The Bearded Iris thrives in zones 3 through 9. They benefit significantly from going dormant in the freezing winter weather of areas that experience full winters. They should get full sun for six hours each day.

They also need air circulating efficiently around them, so they should be planted at least 16-18 inches apart. The soil should be pH seven or below and neutral—water when the land is dry. Too much water will cause its rhizomes to rot.

Bearded Iris is best divided by propagation.

Divide the plant every three to four years at the end of the summer season. When the blooms fade, be sure to break off the seedpods. If the plant is trying to start seeds while its rhizomes are growing, it puts too much strain on it.

The Bearded Iris comes in mini-dwarf, standard dwarf, intermediate, miniature tall, border, and tall. Mini-dwarf can grow to 8 inches tall with 1 to 2-inch flowers, while the tall irises can reach a height of 3 feet and shows off flowers up to 8 inches in diameter. 

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