Berries For Ohio

Buy Hand Selected Berries For Ohio from TN Nursery

These berry plants have been hand selected just for the state of Ohio.  Ohio is currently one of our top five states that we sell to.  To show our appreciation we want to make shopping with us even easier.  To ensure that our customers in this state are receiving plants that thrive well in the area we have conducted our research and hand selected only the best plants for the region.  Currently, we offer everything from a Boysenberry to a wild huckleberry. 

These plants will be sure to bring great tasting fruit right to your garden.  Strawberry plants do tend to be one of our most popular due to the ease of planting and that they can be planted in a small area. 

We look forward to your business with us. 


Berries for Ohio are For Sale from TN Nursery with Quick Shipping and Low Prices