Berry Bushes

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There are several advantages to planting berry bushes.




Berry bushes have the first advantage: They are a lot easier than planting a vegetable garden. If you think that gardening is a lot of work, berries are how you need to start. They are a one-time effort, unlike the vegetables that will need to be planted during the spring. The vegetables will also need to be tended while the berries do not. You also don't have to water the berries daily. Once they are established, you will only have to water them about once a week. If you have a thick mulch of wood chips and leaves, then you don't have to water them at all.



The second advantage is that they are going to taste great to you. That is going to include some of the wildlife that is near you. In others, they feed wildlife that might be looking for something to eat around you properly. They feed wildlife because of how good the fruit is going to taste to the wildlife. But also, since they feel good, they are a good source of nutrition. That is especially true if you pick the berries at the peak of the season because they will be a lot better than the fruit you buy in the store. A good source of nutrition is because the strawberries will be sweet, and the blueberries will have a lot more flavor.




The third advantage is that you will be able to save a lot of money. It costs a lot more money to buy your berries from the supermarket than grow them at home. That means that you will be able to get your return on your investment in no time. Plus, you are going to have an excuse to visit your family and friends, including your neighbors, when you want to share all of the berries that you were able to grow on your own. Once you have been growing your berries on your own for a few years, then you are going to hate the idea of paying money for a tiny basket of berries.




The fourth advantage is that you will be able to help the environment. When you are growing the berries on your own, you will be able to cut down on the use of energy and the carbon emissions that commercial agriculture can create when the berries are transported to the grocery store from the farm where they were grown. That is especially true if you buy the berries when they are out of season since there is a good chance that they will come from another state or place far away from your local grocery store.



The fifth advantage is that there is a chance that your berry tree could outlive you. Most of the time, you will not think of a garden being a legacy to anyone, but some blueberry bushes can live up to 100 years or more. That means that the berries that you plant today will be able to feed you for an extended period. That is something that your children or grandchildren will find as a sweet surprise on your property. Plus, people will probably not complain when they see a fruit tree growing inside your yard. That is because they will know that there is a potential for them to enjoy the fruit.


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