Berry Bushes


Berry Bushes are great for family treats or to attract wildlife to the property.

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1. Low Bush Blueberry

2. Blackberry

3. Black Raspberry

4. Dewberry

5. Wild Strawberry

Blueberry - Vaccinium corymbosum

True to its name, the blueberry's fruit exhibits a progressively deeper purplish-blue hue as it ripens. The blueberry plant originated in North America and preferred acidic soil and bright sunshine. Keep the bushes moist in well-drained soil. The plant's thick, deep green leaves have a glossy look. Whether the plant is a low bush or a high bush variety, it will vary from a foot high to up to six feet in height. Blueberry bushes make ideal hedges at the property's border or respond happily to container gardening. In the fall, the foliage changes to a bright red hue, and its branches are bare but attractive in winter.

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Blackberry - Rubus fruticosus


Blackberries favor mild summer temperatures and warmer winters, doing well in even poor soils. Their enthusiastic growth rate has them producing a crop in a year, making them an excellent first plant for new gardeners. Blackberry plants prefer full sun and soil that drains well and is moist. Blackberries spread enthusiastically throughout the garden, so growers may prefer to prune or contain them in a particular area. Their crop will be ripe in late summer and early autumn. Some varieties are thornless and can trail along the ground or grow up to three or four feet in height.

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A member of the rose family, raspberries prefer slightly acidic soil that is moist but drains well. Their bright green foliage contrasts beautifully with the ripened berries and can be trained to grow on arched garden ornaments for some charming outdoor architecture. Raspberries benefit from being pruned, producing more fruit to harvest. Depending on the variety, expect them to grow five feet in height and up to three feet in width. Most plants take two years to mature and produce ripened berries early to mid-summer.

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Berry bushes have the first advantage: They are much more accessible than planting a vegetable garden. If you think gardening is a lot of work, berries are how you need to start. They are a one-time effort, unlike the vegetables that need to be planted during the spring. The vegetables will also need to be tended while the berries do not. You also don't have to water the berries daily. Once established, you will only have to water them once a week. If you have a thick mulch of wood chips and leaves, you don't have to water them.


The second advantage is that they are going to taste great to you. That is going to include some of the wildlife that is near you. In others, they feed wildlife that might be looking for something to eat around you properly. They feed wildlife because of how good the fruit tastes to the wildlife. But also, since they feel good, they are a good source of nutrition. That is especially true if you pick the berries at the season's peak because they will be much better than the fruit you buy in the store. A good source of nutrition is because the strawberries will be sweet, and the blueberries will have a lot more flavor.




The third advantage is that you can save a lot of money. It costs much more money to buy berries from the supermarket than grow them at home. That means you will be able to get your return on your investment in no time. Plus, you will have an excuse to visit your family and friends, including your neighbors, when you want to share all of the berries that you were able to grow on your own. Once you have been growing your berries for a few years, you will hate paying money for a tiny basket of berries.




The fourth advantage is that you will be able to help the 

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