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    Black Gum tree

    Posted by Don Brown on Jan 27, 2022

    I have this in both sides of my front yard. So nice to watch this in springtime till summer.

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Black Gum tree has very little competition for beauty, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of landscape designs

The scientific name for Black Gum is Nyssa Sylvtica. This tree is found chiefly in USDA zones 4-9and is famed for its summer and fall color. The most distinctive color is the intense red color with orange, yellow, and purple hues that start to show in September.

This tree often grows in wet areas; hence the name Nyssa is derived from the Greek water nymph.

In its native element, the tree can flourish along streams, in swamps, and upland sights. Despite the tree's performance in moist areas, it can also do well in dry regions under proper care, developing drought resistance. 

Black Gum Trees Mature In Height and Spread

The Black gum trees have a close resemblance to some of the maple trees owing to their pyramidal shape that forms an oval or conically-shaped crown as it matures. When properly nurtured, this tree can mature to a height of 30 to50 feet with a spread of 20 to 30 feet.

This tree takes between 12 to 15 years to achieve maturity. However, this growth rate can be accelerated using various techniques, including applying fertilizer and irrigation. Before applying fertilizer, it is advisable to test the soil.

You can choose to test the soil on your own or get a professional to handle it. This way, you can know how much fertilizer and what type of fertilizer is appropriate based on your soil composition. In the modern era of scientific advancement, you can find cultivars with accelerated growth that take a few years to achieve maturity. 

Ornamental Features

As stated before, the Black Gum is arguably one of the most beautiful trees that achieves its potential in summer and fall. The tree features alternately arranged long, dark green, glossy, 3-inch leaves that are attractive in fall.

This tree is often confused with maple trees, especially those found directly in sunlight. Aside from the magnificent hues enhanced by sunlight, the tree has an attractive, deeply ridged bark that resembles alligator skin. 

The tree spots small greenish-white flowers between April and May that play an essential role in pollination. The flowers give rise to a blue-black fruit that birds enjoy. The Black Gum is also classified as a polygamo-dioecious tree, meaning the tree has a large number of male or female flowers, with only a few trees having a perfect balance of flowers. 

Landscape Use

These trees flourish in acidic, well-drained soils with medium wetness. Most people prefer this tree for lower areas due to its ability to thrive in wet conditions. As stated before, this tree can also do well in drier regions due to drought tolerance.

In some cases, the tree occurs naturally in dry areas. The Black Gum can be nurtured as a single specimen or as part of a group in a naturalized area.

When planted in groups, the tree's fall color hues of yellow, orange, and purple give off a spectacular view. It can also be used as a street tree in less populated areas. 

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