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Black Gum Tree

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Black Gum Trees For Sale, Affordable Prices, Grower Direct

The Many Benefits of Planting a Black Gum Tree 

The black gum tree is quite popular in North America and is considered one of the stateliest trees. There are quite a few different varieties, and most are considered one of the hardiest tree species in North America. The Latin name for the tree species is Nyssa.



The Primary Benefits of Planting Black Gum Trees


 The root system of most Black Gum trees is homeowner friendly. Unlike other trees, the roots of this tree run more in-depth into the ground. Because of this, they rarely cause any problems with exposed roots. This helps ensure they do not become problematic. Other trees with root systems that do not grow as deep often cause buckling of concrete, invasiveness in landscaping or problems for lawn care and mowing.


The Wildfire Black Gum Tree


 The Wildfire Black Gum trees grow rather tall and wide, so it offers terrific shade. When fully grown in height, this smaller Black Gum tree species can reach 30 to 50 feet and have a width span of 20 to 30 feet. 


 All Black Gum Trees have the incredible ability to provide some of the most beautiful colors of autumn. The Wildfire Black Gum Tree has brilliant ruby red colors early in spring making a distinct contrast to the green leaves of other trees. In the fall, the tree will offer beautiful crimson, orange, or purple colors. The lifespan of this tree exceeds 70 years.


 Both the Wildfire and the Black Tupelo Gum trees are available at nurseries where they can be purchased as young trees. Because this species of trees have a long taproot system as they grow, they can be difficult to transplant unless it is nursery grown and sold at the right age. 


The Black Tupelo Gum Tree


 The Black Tupelo is one of the hardiest of the Nyssa tree species and has a lifespan that can exceed 600 years. It can grow upwards of 80 feet in height, and in the fall its colors are well known as one of the most brilliant. As autumn sets in the green leaves turn to radiant yellows, crimson, orange and purple.


 These trees are essential for wildlife and the ecosystem. Butterflies love the nectar of the tree, beavers use the trees for building their dams and for forage, deer love to eat its foliage, and many wild birds eat their berries. It is often used for beekeepers who want to produce dark rich baking honey since the honeybees love the flowers from this tree. In the fall, the tree produces a sweet-tart berry with a pit in the center. It is used for hardwood in rough flooring, plywood and handles for tools.


 The trees can either be dioecious, having male and female flowers on separate trees or polygamo-dioecious with male and female flowers on the same tree. The Nyssa tree species are known for having a high resistance to disease and insect invasions. 


 Black Gum trees readily grow in zones 4-9 in the U.S., and can grow in a variety of soil types. They can handle poor soil drainage better than most other trees. Certain kinds of Black Gum trees even can grow in standing water. These are the primary trees that are often found in the swamps of the American south.

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