Black Gum Tupelo Tree

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Common Name/ Latin Name- Nyssa sylvatica Hardy Planting Zones- Eastern U.S /native to Kentucky Mature Height- 30 to 50 feet Mature Width- 20 to 30 feet
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The Black Gum Tupelo Tree - Size Shipped 1-3 Feet


The black gum tupelo tree is not as menacing as the name sounds. It does produce a syrupy gum that may be used for home remedies, and there are many native tribes that has used this tree over time to make their own medicines and dyes. This tree may be planted in your yard without any trouble because it never grows to be all that tall. This is a tiny tree that you may keep on the deck or just aside your patio. It will offer dark leaves, and it will be easy ti prune each year.

#1: Where Can You Keep It?

The black gum tupelo tree grows all the way into Ontario, and it will be viable in all fo the eastern United States. The tree itself does not require much light or water, and it adapts well to many climates. You must not be too hard on it as you tend to it, and you will find that it cannot overgrow your lawn or become unruly.

#2: The Beauty Of The Tree

You may plant the tree for the beauty of its leaves, and you will find that it offers a darkened color to the lawn that you cannot get with other plants. You may plant it with some of your flowers, and you will notice that it is blends in with the surroundings quite well. This is a lovely tree that will give you many years of pleasure, and you may plant many of them around the house to increase your curb appeal.

The black gum tupelo tree is a simple way to add color to your home, and it will be quite hardy through many weather conditions. Choose it today in the large growth zone, and you will find its dark color is fun to enjoy.
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