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Wild Blackberry is also known as Ideaus Rubus. 

The University of Arkansas released wild Blackberry in 1989.

It bears large and juicy fruit. Plants can be grown in home gardens and be trellised or planted near a fence for support. After fruiting, one should remove dead leaves to prevent disease. Blackberries can also be grown commercially. They should be trellised in some way to aid in hand harvesting. Weed control is also significant in maximizing yields. They grow in full sun and must have proper irrigation for new plantings and fruit-bearing plants.

Wild Blackberry is known for Producing 1-2 gallons of Fruit Per Season.

This type of Blackberry is terrific for blackberry lovers. The fruit created by this plant is plentiful and of good quality if picked when right. The fruit bush can also produce up to 1-2 gallons of fruit during a season. The blackberry plants thrive the best in well-drained soil.

Blackberry is a hardy vine that can sustain harsh climates and return yearly. If pruned and planted in full sun, the blackberry vine will produce large quantities of fruit. Plant shallow and keep well-fertilized. Easy to grow and can be trained to grow along a trellis for height and ease of harvesting.

Keeping the plants mulched is a good idea. There are over 300 different varieties of blackberry types to choose from. Chickasaw Blackberry is just one of the plethora. 

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 Scientific Name: Rubus x "Chickasaw."

Family: Rosaceae

USDA Climate Zone: 5-9

Height: 4-6 feet

Width: Erect upright canes should be spaced about three feet apart

Growth/Year: 4-6 feet

Soil Type: Rich, moist, and well drained

Sun: Full Sun


Reviews (3)

  • 5

    Posted by Danial on Nov 18, 2021

    I ordered these plants off season and had to wait what I thought was a unreasonable amount of time. 6 weeks ish. However when they did show up however dormant appear to be very large bare root plants and more than I was expecting, I may have a different opinion after this next spring but I have special ordered 40 more of the larger plants. , This variety will be head to head with Kiowa, prime ark 45, Prime ark freedom , Ouatichita, and a large planting of Ponca, Maybe revise this 5 star rating later.

  • 5
    Chickasaw Blackberry

    Posted by Reba Thomas on Aug 29, 2019

    The blooms on this is just awesome.

  • 5
    Chickasaw Blackberry

    Posted by Kenneth Westfield on Aug 28, 2019

    These look amazing planted along the fencerow.

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