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Blackberry Plant, or Southern Blackberry, is Wonderful for those Looking to Raise their Produce 

Blackberry, also called the sawtooth blackberry for the saw-like thorns on its vines, is shared across the Southeastern United States.

Its leaves are rigid green ovals that sprout from the grapes. Each root can produce several vines, though one or two may show up at first. The berries become green from early spring (March to May) and turn red towards the end of May or June.

The size of the berry, which will become ripe and purple/black, all depends upon the conditions in which it is grown.


Blackberry Plant Thrives along the Eastern Coast and in the Cool-Night areas of the Appalachians, Ozarks, and the Blue Ridge Mountains.


The bud, or blackberry flower, will turn white and bloom before a berry is produced; most of the time, a stem will jut out from the stalk or vine. It is where the berry or berries will hang when they grow. The vines are covered with no more than an inch or two of thorns. The barbs are green at the base, red in the middle, and white or bright red/pink at the pointed tip. This beautiful plant's vines will grow along a fence or any structure where you plant them.

The Blackberry plant is invasive if not properly cared for 

A word of warning, though allowed to become unkempt and unruly, the plant will quickly take over any property. A good rule of thumb with these wondrously delicious berries is to trim every vine that produces fruit in any given season.

This vine will not produce fruit the next year and should be cleared for the next generation. Also, any dead or gray vines should be pulled from the root up, as they will form large, nonfruit-bearing, empty spots within a bush or group of vines, which will become unsightly and unruly.

Blackberries are often considered one of the easiest fruits to grow at home. Blackberry Plants are native species to the United States and grow as small shrubs or trailing vines. You can use fruit from this plant for table fruit, syrup, jams, and jelly.


Blackberry Plant Ships as Bare Root 

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