4th Of July Perennials To Plant Now For Color Then

Perennial Gardening With Color For 4th Of July

Perennial plants are plants that live for more than two years. Colored berry plants and fruit trees are mostly used for the gardening. They create beautiful patterns in the backyard and release sweet smelling scents. Some of them grow to form shrubs. Perennials are great assets to spring flower gardening.

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As soon as the seedlings are ready for planting. The first step is choosing a site with a well drained soil after rainfall. The planting bed is then is then loosened and the soil is turned under to a depth of 8 inches. To remove large clumps of the soil and grass, use a rake. Add compost to the soil and then test the soil for the required specific substances.

Holes bigger than root balls of plants are made. Then each of the plants is set with crown slightly below the surrounding soil level. Fine soil is then used to fill in around the roots and lightly firm it, creating a small depression close to the plant. This allows for the catching and holding water. With care, add a small amount of water to the depressed part of the surrounding soil of every plant. Water again and allow it to soak in. Fine, loose soil is then filled around clump. Keep watering as it is needed.

During cold climates, it is important to mulch around the plants. Most preferably, use evergreen branches and loose straw. These will not compress down tightly. The winter mulch is removed in spring just prior the beginning of growth. Mulch soil is added around the plants after the clumps start to grow in spring. This keeps the soil moist and adds humus which helps in future growth.

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Staking the tall perennial plants prevents damage by wind. Dead flower heads are removed. Application of a slow-release fertilizer allows foliage growth. After two to three years, most perennials are divided to prevent over-crowding forming shrubs. It also promotes healthy growth of these plants.

Shrubs of berry plants and fruit plants are the way to go in gardening of back yards. Different fruit plants and berry plants have a wide range of colors. Ranging from red, blue, purple to yellow giving your back yard a beautiful natural look.