Native Wild Plants - The Easiest Plants To Grow and Flourish Without Lots of Care

Native Wild Plants - The Easiest Plants To Grow and Flourish Without Lots of Care

Posted by Tammy Sons on 25th Feb 2018

What are Native Wild Plants?

Native wild plants consist of plants that grow wild in a particular area. There are two basic types of native wild plants: naturally occurring plants and those that were introduced.Naturally occurring plants are plants that were recorded as developing wild in an area at the time of scientific collection in that area, while plants that appear after the time of recording are considered introduced.

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Native Plant Classifications

The breadth of native plants spans over several countries, regions, and states. Consult your plant nursery about which native plants they carry.

Some native plants have become refined over time, so there may be varieties available that differ from the naturally occurring native species.

Not all native plants make an excellent addition to every garden. For example, some native plants grow aggressively; therefore, they may not be ideal for small gardens. They are super drought tolerant though.

Furthermore, not all native plants are attractive. Also, some plants may be poisonous, and a few are even deadly. Therefore, safety should practice when selecting native plants. In most cases, if the plant is particularly toxic, it will be noted. However, in either case, it is strongly recommended that you only select plants that you are knowledgeable about.

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How to Select the Right Native Wild Plant for Your Garden or Open Space

When selecting native wild plants, gardeners should consider what native means to them. For some, natural means purchasing plants that are native to their particular state,while others may be impressed as long as the plant is native to their country. Plants that are native to your next county or region may also be a consideration.

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Gardeners should also consider the soil conditions in their area when selecting a plant. For example, many of the soils in urban and suburban areas are altered, meaning they may be mostly subsoil or subsoil mix, which is not ideal for sufficient plant growth.

Lastly, some native plants have fewer insect and disease issues, while others are frequently plagued, which may affect its appearance. So keep this in mind when selecting a plant.