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The Most Vibrant Flowering Trees

The Most Vibrant Flowering Trees

The red flowering dogwood, Kwanzan cherry, redbud, and Yoshino cherry trees are the most vibrant flowering trees. Each has its own unique features that allow it to stand out. Both the Yoshino and Kwanzan cherry trees are native to Japan, while the red flowering dogwood and redbud trees are found mainly in the United States. They each have beautiful red and pink blossoms and bloom in the spring, and they will add dazzling colors to your yard.

Red flowering dogwood trees love both the sun and the shade. Ruby and pink blooms sprout up all over the trees in the midst of spring, surrounded by lovely red and green leaves. The dogwoods can adapt to different kinds of soil and are very tolerant of drought. In the fall, the leaves transition into shades of deep red. These trees will liven up your garden and create an elegant backdrop for a laid-back evening.

Kwanzan cherry trees (also known as Japanese flowering cherry trees) are fantastically unique. These quick-growing trees have larger blooms than most other cherry trees, which stick around even when the leaves begin to surround them. While they are native to Japan, they can grow in the United States' zones five to eight, as well. Kwanzan enjoy full sun and may mature to heights between thirty and fifty feet, offering ample shade. Your yard is sure to stand out and impress with this crowd favorite.

Redbud trees are an eastern United States favorite. The blooms are a soft pink that love both full sun ad partial shade. Trimmed branches will even bloom in vases of water within your house or out on the porch. The trees can grown to heights between twenty and thirty feet, providing just enough shade for your yard without blocking out too much sunshine. Redbuds are perfect trees to brighten up your home and accentuate the greenery surrounding your house.

The white and pink blooms of Yoshino cherry trees add an almond scent and pleasing view to your home. Though these trees are from Japan and China, they can also grow well in zones five through eight in the United States. They grow horizontally and vertically to heights between fifteen to twenty-five feet. In the fall, the leaves of the Yoshino transition from a deep green to a glorious yellow. These trees will create a gorgeous backdrop for any event and will impress your guests.