Area 51

Area 52 is located in the middle of the desert in Nevada. It's the highest secret, and most of the government will not even mention his existence. It's been well known that most of its employees have to fly from the airport to the compound and fly out. They are not even allowed to bring cell phones to the compound, and some say they are sworn to secrecy when they take an oath to work there. There have been many tales, whether tall or not, that there are ufo sightings, aliens, and all types of aircraft from outer space that the US Government has shut down and taken to this compound in the Nevada desert. Some even think they do autopsy's on aliens there, and on the internet are numerous YouTube videos of aliens supposedly at area 51. President Barack Obama mentioned this, as did President Bill Clinton. The only two presidents have ever mentioned the infamous area 51 compound. It's a military training station, some say, and others say there are US secret intelligence satellites housed there. Regardless of what Area 51 is home to, the security is so insane it would make anyone wonder what meets the eye. When the armed guards at the entrance of the desert catch someone trying to sneak in, they are fined hefty and detained and jailed.