Native Tree Information

Native trees should not be equated with a tree that cannot be grown anywhere else. Native trees thrive so well that they have learned to adapt to a particular climate or soil type. Copying soil type can be a great help if you want to grow native trees not found in your area. Native trees may be a bit harder to grow since trees are dependent on weather conditions and cannot be taken inside once they are placed in the ground. Starter trees can be found at local nurseries, but if you want to get a tree that does not grow in your region, check with a local plant representative to find out if it will be possible to grow non-native trees. Also, check a USDA zone map to see if native trees can be grown elsewhere.

Many native trees can be grown in another region and, most likely, you will not be disappointed. For instance, the weeping cherry tree is a tree that is mainly found in Japan but can also be grown in warmer climates, particularly in the American South. Hybridized weeping cherry trees are available for northern areas. That is one example where native trees can be grown in different regions, even continents. All it takes are the right conditions that are similar to a tree’s native environment. However, some trees need so much attention and room to grow that such trees may not be suitable for your garden or general area. One would be hard-pressed to find a giant sequoia tree outside the state of California, for instance.

Check with your local nursery to see what kinds of plants are available in stock to find out more. If you do not see any native trees you are looking for, ask a nursery representative to see if they can place a particular order. Many gardeners want to find unique plants. It adds individuality to local gardens by growing plants that no one else has seen around town. If wanting to grow that specific tree you have seen elsewhere, it is possible but requires some research and unique methods to grow trees that are not native to your area.

Autumn Blaze Maple trees add plenty of shade and gorgeous fall colors to any yard.