Planting Viburnum Judge

Planting Viburnum Judge

What Is Viburnum Judge 


Viburnum Judd --- With the more common name Judd Viburnum this member of the viburnum family will reach a mature height of 8 feet or greater, matching that with a similar size in width. The bush thrives best when soil conditions are well-drained. However, this variety of the viburnum family will produce more flowers in the full sun. Yet, even in semi-shaded areas, the bush will be a perfect addition to any garden.


The Beautiful Viburnum Judge


Small clusters of pink-tinted flowers will appear in early May, giving the lush green foliage an added attraction. The flower clusters are replaced with a deep black colored fruit in the fall, quickly followed by vibrant red leaves in the autumn. As one of the more fragrant members of the landscaper's garden, this bush is best suited near occupied areas.



 Viburnum Juddi Specs:

 Zones --- 4 to 7

 Mature Height-- Approximately 8 feet tall at full maturity.

 Mature Width--Approximately 8 feet wide at full maturity.

 Sunlight --- Thrives in full to partial sun.

 Soil conditions-- Average soil conditions.

 Botanical family name-- Viburnum x juddi


Viburnum Judge Can Transform His Garden