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    Blue Gama Grass

    Posted by Joe Anderson on Jan 26, 2022

    I just accented by shrubs with blue flowers with this grass in my mini pond and it really amaze me so much. Thanks TN nursery for introducing me to this variety.

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Blue Gama Grass is Well Known for Its Ability to Survive all But the Worst Droughts

Blue Gama Grass will quickly grow in soil areas where other plants have many problems growing. This Grass will be a great addition to your home and will satisfy many needs. This plant is ideal for water gardens and ponds and can thrive quickly there without help. You can find Blue Gama Grass naturally near lakes.

Blue Gama Grass- Boutella Gracilis

Blue Gama Grass is Annual and Strong-Willed to Tackle the Driest Season

This Grass flourishes in a sterile environment and can be adaptable to accommodate environmental needs. Blue Gama is multi-purpose Grass mixed with other greens or used to fill in tough spots on a golf course. A tasty nibble for wildlife animals, such as an antelope.

Settle in the prairies of the Midwest in the United States. This Grass can give an illusion of a wooly caterpillar from a distance. Distinct with a bluish-gray hue on the leaves, this Grass can grow up to 12-15 inches tall. The color changes in the fall season to an orange and red tint, but you can observe the prime of this Grass in the summer.

You can find Blue Gama Grass in the southern states, but it can be seen in the mountains as a grazing feast for multiple animals to appreciate its essence.

The Grass is accustomed to being rooted in dry areas; a drought would be an excellent provision for the Blue Gama. It cannot withstand sectors that are subjected to saturation or overwhelming conditions. Temperate in dark or harsh soil and fire unless the fire has weakened the Grass at the beginning of the growth stage.

This plant requires minimal preservation. You should plant this Grass in a stable and weed-free setting. This Grass uses a unique method of water usage; they will swiftly use water when obtainable.

Blue Gama Grass does attract insects that can be threatening for rummaging.

Grasshoppers and June Beetle can feed off this Grass, therefore, depleting the Grass of its nutrients and risking a loss of the Blue Grama. The Grass is beneficial for animals and people. Its’ versatility supplies food for wildlife yet provides a particular grace for your lawn.



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