Blueberry Bushes

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jan 26, 2016

Planting blueberry bushes is a fabulous way to make sure that the fruit is always the freshest. There are several types of blueberry bushes, so there will be one to fit that perfect location on a lawn or garden. Ensure that the berries are free from unwanted pesticides and have not sat in supermarkets for days before they are bought. It is incredible how much better fresh blueberries taste when picked right off the bushes and eaten. They will have the most pleasant flavor of all and are very delicious. Hi Bush Blueberry, Low Bush Blueberry, and Rabbiteye blueberry shrubs are available.

Low Bush Blueberry

These are high bushes that will also look fantastic when growing and attract small wildlife such as birds and squirrels that will love to eat the delicious berries that these bushes will produce. These blueberry bushes are easy to plant and grow as long as they receive enough water, and the soil and lighting conditions are significant for them. The berries that the Rabbiteye bush will produce will be slightly smaller in size and appear to look like tiny eyes as they grow.

Rabbiteye Blueberry Bushes

This bush can grow as tall as 15 feet and grow around two to three feet yearly. It will do amazingly well if the soils are moist and well-drained. The Low Bush Blueberry will grow to be a lot smaller and will only grow to be one to two feet tall when fully grown. It will do great where soils are very moist and will become high in areas that provide partial shade. This one will look great in a garden area because it will grow much smaller than regular blueberry bushes. The berries from these bushes are fantastic to use in recipes when cooking and make delicious jams and preserves. They will also work great when added to pies and cakes. That is a beautiful way to always have fresh fruit available during their growing season, and they are a must-have for someone that loves to enjoy fruit right from the shrub or bush.