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Burning Bush shrub is a popular option among most U.S. gardeners because of its easy-to-grow nature and stunning Fall color.

 Burning Bush Shrub provides property owners with a deep Fall color to add drama to any exterior space.

 Hardy Planting Zones

One of the benefits of this shrub is its ability to grow in the majority of the U.S. The hardy planting zones that support the growth of this shrub are from four to eight, with only the nation's hottest areas out of reach.


 Burning Bush will grow well in almost every area apart from the southern reaches of the Southwest, the Deep South, and Southern Florida

 The stunning Fall color of the leaves of this Bush is the main attraction, but the ease of growth of the plant makes it a good option.

These shrubs are drought-tolerant in most areas and are pest-resistant, making them an excellent choice for those looking for a low-maintenance option.

 Choosing the correct location for the shrub when planting is essential. The shrub grows best in full sun conditions, meaning its location receives around six hours of unbroken sunlight daily.

If a full sun location is unavailable, the Bush will grow in particle sun with a less vibrant Fall show.

Once planted, this shrub is drought tolerant but requires watering during its first few months of life. After becoming established, one can reduce watering to around one inch per week.


Flowers and Fruits

The display of this shrub is one of the reasons the plant has become so popular across the U.S. The display begins in May to June with the arrival of tiny flowers that become red berries a few weeks later.

When these red berries fall from the shrub, they can take root, and new plants appear. The switch to crimson leaves begins in the Fall and adds a stunning burst of color to any exterior space.


 Uses of the Shrub

There are many uses for this shrub, from a single plant for Fall color to their use as a screen hedge.

The fast-growing nature of the shrub makes it the perfect option for developing a screen around your property.

 Burning Bush is for sale online at Tennessee Wholesale Nursery Co.



Reviews (2)

  • 5
    Burning bush

    Posted by Ryan Smith on Apr 11, 2022

    What arrived is NOT what was expected....it was BETTER than. Bushes were bright in color and packed well. Excelent specimens now owned.

  • 4
    Burning Bush Shrub

    Posted by Richard Parker on Jan 26, 2022

    I had the best experience of this shrub last autumn. The best view ever in my space. TN nursery has the best sources of this kinds.

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