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How Acorns Make Towering Oak Trees
When you hold an acorn in your hand, it's hard to imagine that little acorn growing into a towering oak tree. However, that's just what they're meant to do.
You can buy some acorns and see this amazing process of nature for yourself. Seeing how acorns sprout and grow into trees is a good educational experience for children. Buying acorns is also an inexpensive way to get oak trees.
In the lower part of every acorn is a tiny oak with a root and a shoot. The rest of the acorn contains the nutrients needed to sustain the seedling until it can survive on the nutrients gained from its own leaves and roots. The cap is merely a protective cover.
An acorn begins to sprout in early spring. The taproot grows, cracks the shell, and emerges. The shoot grows upward and begins to put out leaves. It's thrilling to see that an acorn you bought has sprouted and started growing.
Once the oak seedling has leaves, it uses photosynthesis to make its own food from sunlight. As the seedling grows taller and gains more leaves, the taproot also grows deeper into the ground.
Then, the tissues in the stem harden into a woody trunk. The young oak is then known as a sapling tree. The sapling grows taller, and its trunk grows thicker. It puts out more branches and leaves. After a while, it is no longer a sapling, but a young oak tree. It keeps on growing, becoming a full-grown oak tree. You'll be amazed at your acorn's growth.
An oak tree is a beautiful and majestic way to shade a portion of your yard from the sun on a hot day. The acorns it produces attract birds that use them for food. It's rewarding to see a towering oak tree and remember when it was a little acorn. Buy some acorns now, and let them grow.

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