Pine Trees

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Virginia Pine Seedlings are Classic Evergreens

Virginia Pine seedlings, Pinus virginiana, are classic, moderate-growing, medium-size evergreens native to the states around the Appalachian Mountains, from New York to Alabama. These trees have dense foliages and are often used as Christmas trees in the southern US states. Virginia pine seedlings grow to be around 15 to 60 feet tall and between 20 and 30 feet in diameter. They prefer clay and sandy soils but will grow in almost any type of soil. Virginia pines make great windbreaks and area excellent habitats for birds and small animals. These evergreens are easy to maintain and need little pruning. Limbs tend to prune themselves.

Virginia Pine Seedlings Grow Well in Naturalized Forests

Virginia pine seedlings are ideal for adding to the woodlands on your property or as a focal point in your landscaped yard. After about five years, cones will appear in the fall. These grow in clusters. Virginia pine seedlings are very adaptable and will thrive in all but the driest conditions. Unlike many other pine trees, the needles on Virginia pine trees have short, yellow-green needles that grow in tight groupings. From afar, the tree looks like it might have pom-poms on it. Young trees have a smooth, reddish-brown bark that darkens and becomes more scaly as the tree grows older.


Virginia pine seedlings take a while to become established and, even when well-established, are slow-growing. They start relatively thin and small but will grow to near full height in about a decade. These trees have a long life and can easily live to be 60 to 80 years old. Until they become established, it's a good idea to stack the tree to make sure it can withstand a wind storm.

Virginia Pine Trees Are Very Adaptable


Virginia pine seedlings are native to North America and can be grown as far south as Alabama and as far north as New York State. They are hardy in USDA growing zones 3-9. Virginia pine seedlings are sometimes called "scrub pines" or "poverty pines" because they can be found in forests where other trees fail to thrive. This moniker also means that Virginia pine seedlings need very little care once established and can thrive in drought conditions. Although they are very adaptable, these evergreen trees prefer a full day of sun, high humidity, and well-drained soil. One of their few vulnerabilities is their shallow roots, making them susceptible to damage from high winds, ice, and hail storms. Virginia pines are a popular choice for Christmas trees because of their pyramid shape and distinctive needle pattern. Thousands are planted each year in Christmas tree farms.