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Witherod Viburnum Live Stakes

Witherod Viburnum Live Stakes

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Witherod Viburnum Live Stakes

Mature Height:

The bushy Wither Rod Viburnum has over 148 relatives. The viburnum macrocephalum is a beautiful tree like bush that grows up to 10’ tall. The name “Chinese snowball might ring a bell for some. This plant is excellent for privacy and it not too heavy since the twigs are small. This plant makes quite a spectacle when in full bloom. Pruning is essential in maintaining impressive growth. The Prague viburnum is the fastest growing member of the viburnum family.

Soil requirements:

It grows best in acidic soil with a ph. A balance of 5.5 to 6.5. Care helps plants grow better and faster, mulch in winter while fertilizing the roots with organic substances.In the southern US, there are many moist areas. Therefore, this plant is quite common. Throughout the rest of the country, not including the western US, the soil is wet, and the plant finds comfortable places to grow. These plants love sunlight.


It is sturdy with the appearance of a small tree rather than a bush. The fruit of this plant begins pink then turns darker with maturity. It is such a beautiful plant unusually when it flowers.

Uses in landscaping:

The Wither Rod Viburnum loves wet swampy soil so if you have an area that is hugely damp this plant loves drinking up that moisture. Homeowners in these locations will find the Wither Rod Viburnum a stress free plant to grow. The plant grows easily around trees and other plants.

These plants are commonly close to homes but growing in popularity for business locations interested in beautification. It is a large bush. However, it does not overshadow surrounding plants. These bushes are decorative, but they also help stabilize soil that might otherwise wash away from heavy rains.

Witherod Viburnum Live Stakes Ship Bare Root


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