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Colorado Blue Spruce - 6" Plantable Peat Pot

Colorado Blue Spruce - 6" Plantable Peat Pot

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Colorado Blue Spruce - 6" Plantable Peat Pot

 The Colorado Blue Spruce is a species of spruce tree native to the United States and Canada. The Colorado blue spruce is used as an ornamental tree. This tree needles of blue color and is a coniferous tree. This tree can grow in the United States Department of Agriculture hardiness zones three through seven, which extends from Canada to Northern Texas.

At it's mature height a Colorado Blue Spruce grows to a height of 50 to 75 feet in height and a width of 10 to 20 fee

Colorado Blue Spruce trees grow best in locations with high levels of sunlight and moist, fertile, well-drained soil. The tree can tolerate wind that is dry and is adaptable to dry land. The tree should be planted in a hole that is two times as wide as the root and as deep as the root. Colorado Blue Spruces grow at a medium to slow rate, less than 12 inches per year and can grow up to 24 inches per year at a young age. It typically takes around 35 to 50 years for Colorado blue spruces to grow 30 to 50 feet. This tree is a conical or columnar evergreen conifer having densely growing branches. The Colorado blue spruce has grey scaly bark on the trunk with offices that are yellowish brown. The tree has green and grey leaves that are waxy in texture and grow up to three centimeters in length. The leaves are arranged radially on the shoots curving upwards. The tree has pale brown cones that grow up to ten centimeters in diameter. The Colorado blue spruce is the official state tree of the state of Colorado. The natural growing range of the Colorado blue spruce is northern New Mexico through Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming extending into Canada.

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