Compost Materials

Sep 21, 2012

Above all, a plant should appear green. Any appearance other than green in grey or yellow is a sign of wilting or mold. Mold can be in the layer of a dusty-like residue and tiny spots on the leaves. Little holes can also mean tiny insects in the form of aphids and other creatures munching on healthy foliage. For outside plants, scrutinize them and look for signs of discoloring and look closer for tiny insects. Aphids will usually appear in the form of gel-like spots on the plants and come in various colors.

The appearance of wilted leaves is usually the sign of over or under-watering. Check the soil quality and feel how wet or dry it may be. Top off the water as needed or make sure the pot or soil bed is well-drained. Soil that is not adequately drained will retain excess water, which may drown your roots in the future. Dry soil means the roots are not getting enough moisture and are in the early stages of dying. It is not the need of your plants if they are starting to wilt, and usually, you can remedy this with extra watering or well-drained soil.

Make sure there are plenty of backup nutrients in the form of compost, fertilizer mulch to keep plants green. Mulch will keep water and moisture in while compost has the necessary nutrients that will feed the soil. You can make your compost with leftover plant reside and leaves. Just be sure that no plant materials are diseased or contain mold. If a plant is not growing green, then check the soil bed. Your nutrient level could be off-balance. Add any compost for soil support, and be sure to fertilize often, usually in the fall before spring arrives. Both compost and fertilizer contain healthy microbes that are good for the soil and keep your plants green.

Check for other plants that may be invading your garden in the form of weeds. Add mulch around any plant or garden bed to keep mulch at bay and eliminate all roots in the surrounding area. The roots should dig up weeds so they will not grow again. Weeds can spread harmful bacteria to your garden and could come to overtake your garden and cause your plants to choke.