Cottonwood Tree

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Latin Name- Populus Deltoids Hardy Planting Zone- 2-9 Mature Height- 50-100 ft Mature Width- 50-75 Sun or Shade- Full Sun
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Cottonwood Tree 


Cottonwoods are shade trees that have the potential to grow to massive sizes. They were the source behind many Native American medicinal uses and their trunks were often easy enough to work with and strong enough to provide strong enough wood to be hollowed out into a canoe. Cottonwood Trees have a rich history in North America can be found growing most commonly around rivers, lakes, and marsh areas that have good moisture content in the soil. There is more than one type of Cottonwood, so the common types you will find in the U.S. may vary depending on what part of the states you are in. They also grow in southernmost part of eastern Canada and in some parts of Mexico. Regardless of what state or country, Cottonwoods require an area with plenty of sunlight and soil with plenty of moisture.

These trees are some of the most fast growing trees in America. As young trees, you will see a good six or so feet added each year. These trees can and will grow over 100 ft tall, if given the chance. The diameter of a trunk will reach about 6 ft once the tree reaches full maturity.

Cottonwoods will give you ample shade in marshy and grassland areas, such as in parks beside lakes. This kind of tree is a true asset in areas where there is much wildlife, since their hollowed trunk can provide shelter and their bark and twigs can provide good nourishment for certain species. Cottonwood trees are idea in open spaces where there is room to grow.
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