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Crab Apple Trees generally begin to bloom mid-Spring, and are quite fragrant as well. These are a great way to start the Spring season with colorful shades of pink and red that can be seen for miles.

Crab Apple Tree

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The top Advantages of Planting Crab Apple Trees 

Many people underestimate the value of Crab Apple Trees within their yard or landscaping. They can be seen as pain due to the apples that fall in the year. However, there are many benefits to this species. Here are our top advantages to having a Crab Apple Tree in your yard and why they are the perfect addition. 


Fruit Benefits:


 As the name indicates, Crab Apple Trees produce apples in the Spring. Apples produced from this tree are not considered to be the best to eat everyday, but they can make excellent jams and marmalades. It is recommended to add a little chili into your preserves to give you a jam that is tart and has a little kick. The apples can also be used to make beverages such as a crab apple gin or fruit wine. This makes excellent drinks for the cold winter months.


Species Variety: 


 Crab Apple Trees come in several species that vary in color and size. The most common type of Crab Apple Tree has white flowers that bloom from pink buds. The fruits of this tree appear smaller and are generally a deep shade of red. Other varieties come in a golden hue that has fruit year-round. If you are looking for a tree with several color varieties, then this is it.


Big Bloom:


 Crab Apple Trees generally begin to bloom mid-Spring. When this species blooms, it is a magnificent sight. Not only are they visually appealing, but they are quite fragrant as well. These are a great way to start the Spring season with colorful shades of pink and red that can be seen for miles. The fruits are just as colorful as the flower blossoms. The Crab Apple Tree has a unique and elegant appearance that makes a beautiful addition to any yard.


 Overall, Crab Apple Trees are one of the best flowering trees to have in a yard or landscape setting. The way this species blooms in the Spring is unlike any other tree. Your yard will radiate with the pink and white flowers every Spring. Once the fruit has developed, they can be utilized to make the most delicious jams and preserves or even make a cozy beverage for cold nights. The Crab Apple Tree is one of our top trees picks for every yard due to the many advantages that it has to offer. Upgrade your yard with the addition of the Crab Apple Tree.


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