Crepe Myrtle Trees

Posted by Tennessee Wholesale Nursery on Sep 01, 2014

Crepe Myrtle or Lagerstroemia is a beautiful tree that will flower and fill your yard with color and beauty throughout the spring and summer months of the year. It grows best in climate zones six through nine and will also grow best in full sunlight environments. They also enjoy soil conditions that are moist but well-drained. Adding peat to your soil will cure any drainage problems you may have. They will grow from fifteen to twenty feet tall and are perfect for more miniature landscapes. They will fit nicely in any area of your yard and will quickly grow alongside most any flower or plant. They can adapt to various climates but do best where it is warm and sunny, as the cold can lessen the color of their blooms. They are also fast-growing and perfect for those who like to see results in little time. The blooms on this tree are large and colorful and will be a variety of colors from pink to white and even red in some varieties. The foliage on these trees is also gorgeous and lush looking in their green color. 

The bark on the tree is lovely to look at and is textured and will be nice to enjoy during the winter months when the flowers have long been gone. This tree will provide year-long beauty and interest in your garden and landscape area. When deciding on an area to place this tree, make sure it is full of sun and moisture. That looks great placed along driveways or sidewalks, or you can make a showpiece in your yard as this tree will look amazing all on its own. You can also find this tree in various colors and sizes, so this tree will fit the bill no matter what you need. Whether you decide to plant this fantastic tree, it will look amazing and be more than you could ever ask for. These can add to any landscape family. Make this one a top consideration.