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Dawn Redwood - 18-24" Jiffy Plugs

Dawn Redwood - 18-24" Jiffy Plugs

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Dawn Redwood - 18-24" Jiffy Plugs

Dawn Redwood

The dawn redwood grows best is hardy planting zones 5 through 8. The soil that these trees like to build in is very moist, acidic, and well-draining. Clay or sandy soils work best as long as they are kept moist. It does do well in arid conditions and can even be damaged by droughts. It can handle frosts and flooding though. Growing it in dry, alkaline soils is not going to work for these trees.

This is a fast-growing tree that is known to reach heights of over 150 feet at times. A maturing dawn redwood will gain a few feet every year--usually 3-5 feet annually. Typically it will grow between 70 and 100 feet with a mature tree base that measures 25 feet in diameter sometimes.

It creates a lot of shade since it's canopy spreads so wide. Therefore, it is used in landscaping as a way to create cool areas for a large garden or lawn. To begin growing, it must be placed in an area that gets at least get a few hours of sun. Since it becomes so big, the area it is planted in should provide plenty of space for it. They work best planted as a centerpiece in a town or college campus (some area with lots of space). Sometimes landscapers will plant them in rows to create a natural privacy fence since they have such thick trunks and full branches when leaves are attached.

The branches on the dawn redwood grow in a pyramidal pattern on the trunk making for an excellent triangle shape that doesn't require any pruning. The offices will sprout small pine-cones as well that are typically no bigger than 2 inches in length. The conifer needles on these trees are bright green, beautiful and feather-like. These needles will turn brown and shed in the autumn. Its leaves are somewhat shaped like a fern and are sometimes mistaken for Cypress trees when young.

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