The Many Landscaping Benefits of Driftwood

Driftwood can be used in a variety of applications in landscaping. The smooth surface of driftwood along with the unique, bleached color, give you the opportunity for creativity when landscaping your property. From large driftwood logs to small pieces of accents, driftwood is an excellent addition to your yard.

Use Driftwood as a Focal Point

When designing a garden bed, create a focal point using a large piece of driftwood. Look for a part that is oddly shaped to give your garden some additional interest. If you live in an area where it is more difficult to grow plants, driftwood can fill in areas where plants aren't thriving. A large piece of driftwood can make your landscape design stand out.

Driftwood Can be Used as a Planter

To create intricate planters within your landscape, driftwood can be used. Fill open holes or pits within the driftwood with potting soil, and plant your favorite plants right in the driftwood. This will add to a natural landscape, and give you visual elements to enjoy throughout the year.

Consider Driftwood for Rustic Barriers

If you want some decorative fencing in your landscape design, driftwood may do the trick. You can use twine or wire to create a unique barrier with large pieces of driftwood. When you want a creative fence for your landscape, driftwood is the answer.

Use Small Pieces as Accents

Throughout your landscaping, small pieces of driftwood work as great accents. Add small pieces in a flower bed to give your garden a whimsical look, or use larger pieces to fill in spaces where plants aren't growing.

Driftwood provides you with the opportunity to create visual interest in your landscape design that will remain throughout the year. If you live in an area where there is drought, or you want to decorate in a space that has been hard to grow plants, driftwood can make a big difference.