FAQ - Tennessee Wholesale Nursery



Does Tennessee Wholesale Nursery LLC have more than one website? 

We operate several different websites to try and make sure we connect as many potential customers as possible with our excellent service and pricing.  

Three are designed for homeowners or businesses who are looking to order a relatively small number of plants, and who may not be experts in plants. Those websites -- tnnursery.net, gardenplantsnursery.com, and onlineplantnursery.com -- generally do not have order minimums.  We refer to these sites as our “retail” sites, because they are intended to be used by our “retail” customers, that is, not industry wholesalers.  Because we recognize that our retail customers may not be experts, and they are purchasing smaller quantities that do not qualify for our bulk, wholesale discounts, we are pleased to offer retail customers a 1-year warranty that is explained on the warranty page of those websites.


Our other two websites are tennesseewholesalenursery.com and wholesalenurseryco.com.  These are websites for our wholesale customers, who order in bulk. Because wholesale orders usually qualify for bulk discounts and because we expect that most customers ordering bulk have expertise, our warranty for our customers ordering on our wholesale websites is much more limited.  This very limited warranty is explained on the warranty page.  


The FAQs below are for our wholesale customers, purchasing plants on tennesseewholesalenursery.com and wholesalenurseryco.com.  


Can you tell me more about your company?


We are a family business with more than 65 years of experience in the nursery industry.  Our inventory and contacts in the market are vast, so we can almost always find you the type and quantity of plant you need at a fair price. 


What credit cards do you accept?


We accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, and Discover.


When is my credit card charged? 


Your credit card will be charged when your order is submitted on our website, regardless of the ship date you have requested.  


What method will be used to ship my items?


USPS Priority or common carrier for large orders.

When are shipping costs determined?

We estimate shipping costs at checkout, based on your location.  Once we have the order prepared, that estimate may be adjusted, which will result in either a credit or an additional charge depending on what the final shipping cost was determined to be. 


Will I receive a notification when my order ships?


Yes, you should receive an email to the email address you provide us, and that email should provide a tracking number.  


Are all orders shipped in one shipment?


Based on logistical needs, we may ship orders in multiple shipments.


What if I think I didn’t receive my order or if the order is I received is incorrect?


Please promptly email customerservice@tennesseewholesalenursery.com so we can investigate any concerns about damaged orders, delayed orders, incorrect orders, or missing orders.  We will make every effort to respond as quickly as we can, usually within 24 hours. Note that while we usually ship orders within 7-10 business days of ordering, shipping may not occur until plants go dormant and are “bare root”; also weather can cause additional delays. While we assume no liability for USPS losing an order, if, after review, it appears that USPS has lost your order, we can provide information on filing a claim with USPS.  


Please note that because you are a WHOLESALE customer, ordering plants on our WHOLESALE website (tennesseewholesalenursery.com or wholesalenurseryco.com), you must alert us to any problems or concerns with your delivery within 24 hours of receipt in order to take advantage of the limited warranty applicable to wholesale customers. Additional information can be found on the warranty page of this website.


What do you mean by “dormant” or “bare root”?


A plant is “dormant” or “bare root” when it has lost its foliage (leaves and stems) for the season.  This is a natural state of rest for the plant caused by cooler temperatures and shorter days.  As noted above, we ship plants during this dormant period.  Trust us, you would not want a fully bloomed plant shipped to you in a box!  With the appropriate care, they should bloom beautifully when Spring comes.   


What if I open my package and I think my plants are dead?


It is likely the plants are not dead, just dormant. We ship fresh plants shortly after digging them.  We ship dormant, bare root plants, and they are not in bloom or flowering when we ship them. 


Also below is a picture of how to do the “scratch test,” which is a good way to see if your plants are alive but dormant, or dead.


Scratch test

At the bottom of this page, we have some pictures of what various plants look like when shipped dormant and what they will look like when they bloom after proper care. 


What if I can’t plant my plants right away? 


Please try and plant your plants as soon as possible. Generally, if you cannot plant them right away, store them in a cool place and leave the plastic on the roots. Water the roots at least once a week and then cover them back up with plastic they come packaged in. Do not expose them to freezing temperature or extreme heat. 


Please note that because you are a WHOLESALE customer, ordering plants on our WHOLESALE website (tennesseewholesalenursery.com or wholesalenurseryco.com), you must alert us to any problems or concerns with your delivery within 24 hours of receipt in order to take advantage of the limited warranty applicable to wholesale customers. Additional information can be found on the warranty page.  This warranty rule applies regardless of when you decide to plant your plants.


Below we have some additional information about how to care for various types of plants if you cannot plant them right away after receiving them from us. 


How Do You Dig and Ship Plants?


We dig every plant fresh, and then ship them by dipping roots in terra sorb (which is a moisture rich gel) and we surround them with moisture protectant plastic. We then put all plants in corrugated boxes.  All plants packaged are in accordance to the American Nurseryman Association Standards, and they should survive at least ten days in transit.  


Can I pick up an order instead of you shipping it to me?


Usually.  If you would like to pick up an order, please make a note in the comments, and we will call you to coordinate the pickup (and refund shipping if appropriate). 


Do you offer coupons and specials?


Sometimes.  You can sign up for our newsletter to take advantage.  


Your plants are grown in Tennessee.  Do you ship plants throughout the USA, including places with different climates?


We ship to 49 states (everywhere but New York). We have seed sources for all USA climate zones, so our plants can grow in temperatures warmer or colder than Tennessee.  


Can I place an order by phone?


Yes.  Please call 931-692-4252.


Can you tell me what you do to keep my information secure?


Yes.  We use encryption tools to protect account information.  We also do not see your credit card number when an order is placed.  We are not aware of any hacking or fraudulent activity ever having occurred on our websites.


Can I cancel an order? 


Usually not.  If you want to try to cancel an order, let us know immediately by sending an email to customerservice@tennesseewholesalenursery.com or calling us at 931-692-4252.  If we see your cancellation and stop the order before the order has gone out to our fulfillment center, we can cancel it, but we will charge a 20 percent fee.  Otherwise, the order cannot be canceled and you will be charged the full amount.  Orders usually go to our fulfillment center within one hour of being placed. 


Can I refuse an order? 


We accept no liability for refused orders.  We encourage our customers to contact us at customerservice@tennesseewholesalenursery.com to discuss any issues or concerns with orders placed. 


We ship Bare Root Stock when dormant -  plants do not have leaves, foliage or blooms.

Below (left) is an example of how our bare root crepe myrtles or any trees will look when we ship them. They will be dormant, without foliage. Plant these trees in cool weather and in the spring (right) here's a picture of how these trees will look (when planted and cared for properly) the following spring.

bareroot trees


Below is a picture of our shrubs shipped bare root

Here is a picture of the shrubs - packaged as they will look when received. The picture to the right is how, if taken care of, they will look the following spring.

bareroot shrubs

Perennials at time of shipment

Those on the left are dormant and the right picture is how they will look the following spring when planted and cared for properly.



Ferns at time of shipment (left). Following season (right).


The picture below shows berry plants (left) in a dormant stage without leaves, blooms or berries. Plant as soon as you receive them and in the spring they will "green out" and produce (right).




Ground Cover Plants at time of shipment:

On the left is how the ground cover plant will look at shipment. On the right is how they will look the following spring!



Grass plugs at time of shipment:

We do not ship grasses in colder months due to the tops being gone. Also, we will not ship a grass species without being able to identify it, as these are grown in large fields with other species of carex and other grasses, it is best to wait for warmer months when positive identification is possible.