Fast Growing Trees

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The Many Advantages Of Planting Fast Growing Trees 

The popularity of fast-growing trees is on the rise. Both homeowners and developers of commercial properties enjoy the benefit of having a mature tree sooner. Some fast-growing trees act to solve concerns of privacy, and others act as shade trees.

There are a variety of species available, from poplars to weeping willows, from quaking aspen to Eastern white pines. These types of trees offer a variety of advantages.


 Examples of Fast Growing Trees


 Red maples, also called October Glory for the brilliance of their fall foliage, thrive in various types of soil. They are fast-growing shade trees. The American Sycamore is among the most popular trees that grow fast for privacy purposes. Gaining up to six feet annually, it blooms with a thick canopy of dense leaves. For an evergreen option, try the Eastern white pine. It is the softest and lightest of fast-growing pine trees, with blue-green needles. Easy to grow, this tree is excellent for privacy. White poplar trees are broad-leaf trees that can reach heights of a hundred feet. They thrive in full sun, accepting both dry and wet soil.


 Cleaner Air


 Full-grown trees offer fuller foliage to produce oxygen, reduce smog, and intercept airborne particulates. Having trees around promotes an increase in physical activity and reduces stress. Access to trees improves the quality of life on private and public properties alike. Full-grown trees are achieved much quicker with the many species of fast-growing trees.


 Energy Conservation


 Trees are natural air conditioners. A single tree creates evaporation that can result in the production of a cooling effect that is the equivalent of ten residential, room-sized air conditioners operating most of a day. Shade trees around a house reduce the amount of cooling needed in the hot months. Tree windbreaks can cut down residential heating costs by 10-15%. Fast-growing trees bring these benefits about much quicker.


 Economic Interests


 Communities with plenty of tree cover bring in new residents and commercial activity. A tree-lined street can have homes that are worth 25% more than those that lack the attractive foliage. Fast-growing trees can be used to boost property values in this way. Trees enhance economic stability as well; they do this by attracting businesses where people linger longer.


 Fast-growing trees are in high demand by homeowners and landscape authorities. They fill gaps in the landscape quickly and offer the swiftest means of attaining the benefits of full-grown trees. Some are used for lumber, others for their fruits, but most commonly they are used to provide quick and easy shade and convenient, natural privacy. Trees are more cost-effective than fences and are friendlier to the environment. They improve property values and lift the spirits of those who encounter them.


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