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These ferns listed in this category have been picked for one of our top-selling states, Ohio. We want to make sure that our customers are getting a plant that can thrive well in their region and hopes this makes that even more accessible. 

Ferns are a great plant to use in those tricky areas that other plants tend not to grow. Most of them do tend to thrive best in the shade. They are also more adaptable to different types of soil as long as the soil is well-drained. 

Currently, we offer 41 different types of ferns just for the state of Ohio. We hope that you can easily find the right fern plant for your gardening needs and look forward to your business with us. 

Perfect Native Ferns For Ohio

If you're looking to add ferns to your landscaping, you have a variety of choices. Their beauty can add a very natural flowing look to your garden. Here are a few Ohio favorites you may consider. 

Christmas Fern

 The Christmas fern grows in a circular pattern and is an evergreen; It likes partial shade and sandy soil. It is not recommended for moist soils. The Christmas fern grows between 1-2 feet in height and should be spaced at least 1 foot apart. This beautiful fern received its name because early settlers used it as a Christmas decoration. 

Maidenhair Wood Fern

 The maidenhair fern thrives in a shady garden and has lovely feather-like foliage. It will grow best in moist, wooded areas of your garden. This plant was commonly used in shampoo, which lends it the name maidenhair. If your soil is not acidic enough for this fern, you can add lime rock. This fern is not very demanding, making it great for any level gardener. 

Lady Fern

 Lady fern is a larger plant that loves a damp shady area also. This plant has an exquisite appearance and will be a beautiful addition to your garden. This fern can reach up to 48 inches in height. Fertilizing the lady fern once in the spring will keep it quite happy. Like the maidenhair fern, this plant will be easy to care for. 

Silvery Spleenwort

The silvery spleenwort has yellowish-green leaves, and the underside is covered in fuzzy hair. It also loves shade to partial shade areas with moist soil. It grows from 18 to 40 inches. The lovely yellowish leaves of this fern are a nice contrast to the darker greens of other plants. 

Using beautifully flowing ferns in a garden can create an aesthetically pleasing space with a natural feeling—the contrast from the strict lines of many landscape designs.

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