Ferns For Zone 4

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Ferns are spectacular in any landscape. They make quite a statement with their stunning arching fronds.

Hardy Fern Choices 

The right plants are the ones that make a significant difference in your yard and garden as they have a good look and are made for the area where you will be planting. One top choice for those who want leafy, exotic, and hardy plants is ferns. The majority of ferns are considered robust; however, a few stand out amongst the rest as they indeed are easy to grow and have that just-right look for those who want a truly spectacular garden display.



 A New York fern is ideal if you seek a plant that will grow to a height of about one to two feet and have lush and bushy leaves. New York is an ideal option when you find a hardy fern that grows best in a colony so that you can widespread coverage as a New York fern fits all of those needs. The light green color further adds to the beauty of this particular plant.



 One alternate choice for a hardy fern is the Ostrich fern. This particular fern is noticeably different in its appearance as it is very ornamental in the way it seems to grow leaves only straight up from the ground simply.



 The Ostrich fern is ideal for adding green leaves and a touch of uniqueness to gardens as they tend to grow upwards and spread out wide, thus drawing attention to these hardy plants.



 One other fern chosen by those who seek something hardy is the Christmas fern. This one is a fern that indeed draws attention as it grows tall and has a distinct look. The top reason the Christmas fern is chosen by those who want ferns as part of their garden design is that the Christmas fern is hardy enough to withstand colder temperatures and even drier soil.



 Cinnamon ferns are yet another hardy fern option for those who want something slightly different. Cinnamon ferns are marked by tops that turn a cinnamon brown color as the leaves age over time. This makes it take on a distinct appearance as those brown tops stand out among the tall tops of the ferns and pair nicely against the plant's exact green color.