Ferns Mixed With Grass

Sep 01, 2012

   Ferns and grasses are used as great fillers between and around your plants. That creates a beautiful lush look

to any garden. There are often unwanted bare spots with just earth exposed. Fern and grasses fill in the

bare places to make a more full and plush flower garden. It is always the focal point to any yard with lasting

beauty and resilience.

A beautiful garden is always an excellent hobby and conversation piece with both friends

and relatives. Fillers help make your garden a pleasant place to find tranquility and lasting beauty.

The greenery surrounds your blooming flowers for a brilliant full effect. Some people choose different

varieties of fern, which have various sizes. The taller fern should be planted in the back with the more miniature fern

toward the front to prevent shadowing smaller plants. The smaller size fern works best planted more toward

the front of the garden. It would help if you planted the tall flowing grasses behind the smaller grasses.