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Fleabane Daisy is a Flowering Annual

This aster family member has an erect, hairy stem that bears flower-heads full of white or pale pink ray flowers near the top of the plant. These flowers surround a yellow disk and are held up by green sepals.

The fragrance is mild but noticeable. The fleabane daisy is much like its cousin. The ox-eye daisy through the rays, which can number 50 to 120, is short compared to the disk's diameter. It may also be mistaken for an aster, but it blooms much earlier in the season.

The toothed, slender, lance-shaped, hairy leaves are up to 5 inches long, and the plant grows from 1 to 5 feet tall.

Some botanists believe that the fleabane daisy is an annual or a biannual, which means it only lives for one season or two. Others think it is a perennial. Even if the fleabane daisy is an annual, it self-seeds so abundantly many gardeners treat it like a perennial.

Fleabane Daisy blooms from June to October. Fleabane daisy is best for hardiness zones 3 to 8 and flowers from June to October, though there may be a pause in blooming during the hottest part of the summer. The flowers lead to achenes with tufts that allow the wind to blow them away.

Fleabane daisy prefers well-drained loam and full sun, though it can do well in partial sun and is not particular about the kind of soil as long as it drains well. Some gardeners find that it flourishes in gravelly, clayey, alkaline soil. It would help if you were thin seedlings about 18 inches apart, and the plants can be divided in spring. The fleabane daisy is a beautiful plant for a meadow garden and attracts a host of pollinators.

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Fleabane Daisy Erigeron annulus is an annual plant that blooms in early spring. The plant grows well along roadsides and other waste areas. It likes full sun, dry conditions, and clay or gravel soil. Individual plants can grow between 1 to 5 feet in height. The Fleabane Daisy has the typical daisy shape, with a center surrounded by petals, but its leaves are petite and thin. It is related to the aster family, though it blooms much earlier. The plant, native to North America, is helpful to various pollinators, including many species of bees and butterflies.

Fleabane Daisy is Beautiful when Cut into Spray for an Eye-Catching Display. They bloom in late summer into early fall. The Fleabane Daisy is part of the aster family and is sometimes mistaken for an aster due to their similarities in appearance. However, Fleabane Daisy is much easier to grow and is not affected by fungal problems as quickly.

The Fleabane Daisy begins to bloom in midsummer and is known to thrive into fall. These are beautiful when cut into sprays and placed in a vase for a nice touch in your home. Fleabane Daisy is an annual or biennial plant and is unbranched along the lower half of the plant.

The central stem usually is light green to purplish-green and grooved along its sides. The stem has white hairs toward the base, and the leaves can get up to 4 inches long. Each flower head has 40-100 ray florets that form the disk florets, and they are white in color and lunar in shape.

The centers are yellow. The blooming period is usually from late spring to mid-summer and lasts about 1-2 months for each colony of plants. Some plants will bloom later in the season. They are known to have a pleasant fragrance in warm weather.

The Fleabane Daisy has been known to adapt to the soil that contains fertile loam if more aggressive plants are not present. After its blooming period, the foliage will wither away to release its seeds.

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