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    Frost Aster Symphyotrichum Pilosum

    Posted by Lara Greene on Jan 26, 2022

    Nicely lined up in borders along pathways. Elegantly planted as it shines up in fall to winter.

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Frost Aster: Symphyotrichum Pilosum is a gorgeous, small bud flower that resembles a daisy.

Frost Aster flowers are often seen growing and blooming on the side of highways and in other natural or wild areas. 

They have small, deep yellow centers that do get darker with age as the plant grows. The center is surrounded by tiny white petals that may appear as though they are tinged with a hint of blue.

Frost asters are a late-blooming flower that does help to extend the floral season, often blooming in autumn for around six weeks. These flowers were named frost aster because of the white hairs that grow on the plant. The stem is so hairy that it appears to be covered in frost. This is a quickly spreading plant that does spread by seeds and rhizomes, so if you plant it in one location, odds are it is going to spread without your help at all.



Frost aster is most common in the Eastern part of the United States.


The plant began in states like Kentucky, Illinois, and Missouri and spread to most of the Eastern half of the country. It is also present in Washington state. It is a native plant to the United States and is one of the country's most common types of aster.

In truth, it can grow nearly anywhere, and when left unattended, it will do just that. It spreads quickly, so if you want to keep it in one place, you do need to tend it and make sure that the seeds are collected before they have a chance to spread.

The plant only grows between about two feet and four feet tall, but each can spread from about two feet wide to around four feet wide.

This perennial blooms from August to October and is a gorgeous natural plant that anyone can add to their flower garden and expect great results. They are easy to grow and nurture; they require full sun to partial shade and only a medium amount of water.

This plant is considered a wildflower in some areas because it grows well without intentional planting.

They attract butterflies, making them an even more pretty flower to plant. They are perennial, so they will continue to come back every year, making them a great filler or flower you can build your garden around.

Since they are white, they go well with a vast range of different foliage and flowers and are gorgeous flowers to plant in any landscaping along with any other flowers you might have grown.

The flowers of this particular plant are branching and will grow in small clusters of several flowers on one stem. If you are looking to introduce more native plants into your garden and live in the Eastern part of the United States, this may be an excellent option.


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