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Hedge Trimmer

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jan 31, 2016

How to Find the Right Hedge Trimmer Finding a good hedge trimmer can be cumbersome, primarily since various options exist. If you need a trimmer or are simply trying to upgrade your one, there are ma … read more

Landscaping Services

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jan 30, 2016

If you live within 50 miles of our zip code of 37301, we will be happy to landscape your property with the plants and trees you've purchased from Tennessee Wholesale Nursery. When your orders are plac … read more
​​Sheet Mulching

​​Sheet Mulching

Posted by By Tammy Sons for Tennessee Wholesale Nursery on Aug 10, 2015

What is Sheet Mulching?Sheet mulching is the composting method practiced in no-dig gardening. The idea behind the method is simple and makes perfect sense. Sheet mulch mimics the natural function of t … read more