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Best Of The Best

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jan 30, 2016

Tennessee Wholesale Nursery offers quality landscaping plants and trees at affordable low prices. Our plant nursery offers a wide variety of shade, landscaping, flowering, and native trees, and we gua … read more

Adding Lime To A Garden

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jan 26, 2016

Adding lime to a garden is essential for raising the PH level. Lime will also raise the alkaline levels in the soil and will be a great help when it comes to reducing the amount of water in the soil. … read more

​Small Spacess

Posted by By Tammy Sons For Tennessee Wholesale Nursery on Aug 10, 2015

How to reap fresh herbs and vegetables out of a small space or urban area;You don’t have to have a bright green thumb or acres of garden space to grow your pesticide-free foods without the hefty price … read more


Posted by Tammy Sons For Tennessee Wholesale Nursery on Jul 17, 2015

The Diverse Uses of Tree Stumps and DriftwoodThere is a multitude of reasons why one may seek to acquire a tree stump. Their potential use has proven to be extensive. The beauty and utility of driftwo … read more