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Purchase Gift Certificates for Live Plants, Give a Memorable Gift
It's the season of giving again. When you want to give something meaningful, something that will last, why not give a gift certificate for a live plant? Beautiful plants add so much peace and happiness to our lives and our gardens.

Imagine strolling through your garden with your eyes being drawn to a Red Knockout rose tree or to the hummingbirds that are buzzing around a fiery Hummingbird Trumpet. Not everyone has the same preferences, though. Perhaps your friend or family member would prefer the big, broad leaves of a Blue Hosta? With a gift certificate, they can pick exactly what they want to make their garden uniquely their own.

Gift certificates make it so easy for you to give loved ones a gift from the heart. Maybe your co-worker has been dreaming of the desert Olive hedge to separate her garden from the neighbor's yard. Now, she can buy the shrubs to get that fence started. Birds will love the little berries on the bushes. She will enjoy the privacy. As a bonus - every time she strolls through her garden or sits on the bench and reads in solitude, she will be reminded of your thoughtful gift.

Pansies, hibiscus, tulips, and hydrangeas add to the colors, fragrance and bird varieties of a garden. Gift certificates allow the users to decide what kind of birds and butterflies they want to attract to their yard. Your loved ones can opt for plants that are hearty in different climates - succulents for the desert areas or Firefly Coral Bells for high elevations. Pond plants that accent water features may be just what they need. Maybe your boss has an herb garden? A lovely lavender or some peppermint will add a delicious scent to the air every time they walk by.

Give a gift certificate for a live plant. Your friends will thank you every time they visit their garden.

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