Ginko Biloba Tree

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Latin Name- Maidenhair Hardy Planting- 3-8 Mature Height-50-80 Width-30-40 Sun or Shade- Partial Shade
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Ginkgo Biloba Tree 

The Ginkgo Biloba Tree, also known as the Maidenhair Tree is a great low maintenance, long lasting, and aesthetic addition to any garden. The Ginkgo's history on earth goes back milIt is one of the oldest living tree varieties in existence and the only species still around of the Ginkgophyta division. The Ginkgo Biloba is originally native to China and is one of the oldest trees still cultivated by mankind today.

 It is recognizable with its bright foliage and windy, unusual shape. The first five years of life the Ginkgo requires well draining soil before maturing and becoming drought resistant. Other than that the Ginkgo is both pollution and pest resistant. The Ginkgo's strength was demonstrated in Japan by the Ginkgo's perseverance to keep growing after being subjected to a nuclear blast. 

Many people enjoy the Ginkgo because it is one of the first trees to signal the changing of the seasons to autumn. That is because the Ginkgo's leaves turn yellow early on while other trees leaves are still bright green. The leaves of the Ginkgo Biloba tree are easy to recognize as they are typically fan shaped.

The Ginkgo tree starts with a stem like base at the bottom with arms that flurry and twist upward and somewhat outward with age. From afar the Ginkgo's leaves make it appear 'upright' and 'rounded out' very similar to a Maple tree.
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